3 Reasons to use a FMCG merchandising program

In order for a business to work it is essential that its services/products are presented in an appealing way, it should be remembered that having the right information at the right time is a key factor in the success of a sales campaign.

In the simplest way, we say about marketing that it may constitute the manner in which the merchandise presents the products to the consumer, both the aspect and the content. At the most basic level, the importance of this service is reflected in sales. Shops that give consumers products must make a certain amount of money periodically to remain on the market.

A good merchandising program makes the client buy

From many points of view, the importance of merchandising services  is in the ability to manipulate clients psychologically. Most products in any stores are not a necessity for humans but using visual tactics such as color, shape and other associations created by imagination persuade the customer to buy or at least to think about this option when it comes to a particular product.

A good strategy can be the arrangement and styling of products on the shelf, so as to take into account the customer's opinion and create an enabling environment for it, encouraging it to return and/or turn its attention to other products in the same range.

Good coordination of merchandaising departments

Selection, recruitment, hiring, training, insurance of premises, coordination and maintenance of their merchandising departments can really get very costly, but we offer you the solution, a partnership with FMCG Marketing & Distribution.

With offices in several cities in the country, with more than 300 merchandisers and more than 1000 sales-based promoters, we provide promptitude and professionalism. Each FMCG manager has developed professionally and worked in a particular region, plus the connections and knowledge from the local market combined with the experience in promoting and product merchandising as well as team coordination make us deliver performance and quality. Changes during a project are held at no additional cost.

Several customers returning to buy with pleasure

Applying the strategies of a merchandising program during and after the sale of a product increases the number of customers, increases sales and builds loyalty, because it is more likely that a person can return to a place where the products were presented in an exceptional way and have experienced promotion and trust.

In recent years, although it has been considered something that is not necessary, it has been shown that merchandising and product advertising brings significantly better results and that it is something that a successful company cannot be missed. The flexibility, honesty, fair play, high quality of service at the most competitive prices, recommend us as the most suitable solution for your company!


FMCG Marketing & Distribution is the best option for companies with consumer products wishing to enter the Romanian market using a minimum number of staff and infrastructure.


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