When it's good to outsource the sales department

Outsourcing the sales team can be very suitable for those companies where there is no permanent sales office. This method can be used to make sales locally and also nationwide.

An external team has the advantage of being composed of experienced professionals who can assist you in creating a targeted and competitive strategy when the company needs to implement a change of the sales policy. It also applies very well to small and medium-sized companies that do not allow them to invest in a whole sales department.

External Sales Department

A company's sales representatives team may be subcontracted for certain periods of time and to implement a sales strategy that is suitable for a specific product. The most important benefit associated with a collaboration with an external sales representative is to reduce the costs associated with the maintenance and management of an entire sales department within the company. They add the experience and connections in which each salesman invests years during his career.

Benefits of Outsourcing Sales Department

Outsourcing of the sales department can be a suitable choice for any type of company but this can be more advantageous if the company is a start-up or a developing company. An important advantage for companies that choose to outsource the sales team is that they can plan an exact budget for this type of operations, where a dedicated sales plan is required.

Companies outsource the sales team with the purpose of:

– Reduce employment costs: the external sales representative is not a permanent employee for whom the company is paying the related fees;

– Reducing the administrative services associated with the existence of a permanent sales department;

– Reducing training costs for in-house sales representatives;

– Access to a team of experienced professionals;

– Increase the sales number;

– Access to a wider range of opportunities through the connections that an experienced salesman already has.

Reasons to appeal to FMCG specialists in sales:

FMCG Management provides its customers with an experienced sales team that can help you in the specific activities for retrieving, negotiating and forwarding orders.

Our FMCG Sales specialists can help you with many services in case you want to externalize your sales team, including:

– Takeover and order transmission;

– Negotiation of contracts (where necessary);

– Weekly reports on the stock situation of the product.


FMCG Management offers you not only services for outsourcing sales department but also complete retail audit program. To complete the sales part, our merchandising and promotional departments are also available to you. Please contact us for more details on our services and a personalized offer for your business needs.

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