How a Mystery shopping program helps your business

Mystery shopping is a special method of evaluating the services offered by a particular company through information received from a volunteer acting as an undercover client. This direct evaluation process can be used to better understand the services offered by competitors or to assess the services of their own company, specifically how specific policies and practices are implemented directly in the store.

FMCG Marketing & Distribution  provides you with a wide range of solutions for promotion, including mystery shopper services, also merchandising and sales.

Reasons to deploy a mystery shopping program

A mystery shopping program can give you quick and straightforward answers on how services are going within your stores.

A "secret client" evaluation gives you a distinct perspective from the customer's point of view and can help you implement new strategies to improve the quality of your services. Centralized information following such an assessment can be very useful in making changes to improve customer satisfaction.


We recommend that you use the mystery shopping program to:

– Analyze competitors services;

– Obtain information on the perception of the brand;

– Assess the efficiency of the team or employees;

– Assess internal procedures


Using a FMCG mystery shopping program


FMCG Marketing & Distribution can help you successfully deploy a mystery shopping program. Our specialists will work together with you to create a strategic plan based on an existing budget. Also within the preliminary stage is drawn the program of Mystery shopping sessions and a list of objectives and results expected following the conclusion of this last activity.

Our team will take care of all the elements necessary to implement such an assessment, starting with the selection of secret customers , special trainings and periodic evaluations. Mysery shopping is one of the advertising strategies that can be used by companies in Romania.

For more information on mystery shopping programs you can contact us and we will respond with a custom offer.

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