Merchandising rules and strategies for seasonal products

Christmas, Easter and, in recent years, holidays like Halloween, are a very important sales potential for most retailers on the market. In these times, shops can change the interior arrangement and presentation to the shelf to amplify the visibility of seasonal products and facilitate access to them.

The Merchandising department can start preparing these events many months in advance, taking into account some simple rules and strategies to satisfy customers and increase sales.

Seasonal products arrangement at the shelf

Merchandising strategies during the holidays or at the end of the season can be largely based on visual merchandising. The way products are presented within the store can have a significant impact on the customer's purchase decision.

Seasonal products must be visible and accessible in the store.The merchandising strategy  relates precisely to this: the planning of positioning and arranging them on the shelf. The goal is to help the customer reach out to them more easily and motivate him to make a certain purchase.


Strategies for seasonal merchandising

–   Planning in advance: planning the merchandising strategy for seasonal products can start up to six months before the event (Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.); A good planning of these seasonal events can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction level;

– Seasonal reductions: The two types of reductions (seasonal and final season) can be planned in advance, taking into account indicators such as gross profit margin;

– You must pay attention to customer needs: a good merchandising strategy is folded on the customer's profile; For example, shops can offer promotions  during the period of Orthodox and Catholic easter;

– Fitting in the right shop: shops are very important during the holidays and even during the season change; Customers can be greeted with already known products, but the emphasis is usually placed on the new, seasonal ones;

– Online advertising: season or holiday-specific promotions can be announced in time on all social media platforms; A good strategy is also to take care of the artwork on these platforms and adapt it to the season.


An expert team can select the most effective strategies, which increase both the number of customers and sales. FMCG management offers you complete merchandising, promotion, or sales solutions.. You can contact us for more details about merchandising used to increase the value of the products on the shelf.



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