Role of promotions in customer loyalty

Customer loyalty promotions or programs are very important in the marketing strategy used by the company. They are designed to encourage customers to continue using the company's products, offering them various coupons, promising products or special prices. The main objective of promotions is to keep customers loyal and encourage them to try or use additional products of the same company.

Promotions and marketing strategy

The promotions offered by companies for a particular range of products are of particular importance both for customer loyalty and for a better understanding of the consumer's profile. For the company, a loyalty program or a promotional campaign (usually held over a specific period of time) can lead to increase awareness and salesPromotions have a double value in terms of customers: they are an opportunity to attract the attention of new customers but there is also a way to stay in the attention of older customers, already accustomed to the company's products.

promotional offer can also represent a strong unit of measure of customer's desires, needs and preferences. A promotional campaign can provide important details about customer behavior and how they are willing to spend on these special events. Also following such a campaign, the company will have access to real data on the effectiveness of the marketing strategy implemented until that time, by observing the target audience's response to the new campaign.

Promotional techniques can be adapted according to the specific needs of the company, seasonal or certain products.

The importance of promotions for the customers

A happy customer is a loyal customer, and promotions are greatly contributing to the preservation of interest in a particular product or service. This type of advertisement can have a positive impact on your business not only due to immediate earnings but also because it manages to convey to the customer an important message: The company distinguishes itself from other competitors on the market through its unique offerings and promotions.

The promotions also show that it is desirable for the company to get closer to the customer and that it invests in methods designed to facilitate both access to its products and the collection of genuine feedback directly from the final consumer. Promotional techniques ease direct communication with it and can, therefore, be useful tools for marketing research.

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