Back-to-school strategies for local retailers

Preparations for the first day of school start in time for both parents and retailers. The vast majority of customers await the period of back-to-school discounts to purchase a large portion of the indispensable requisites for a new school year. Retailers have at their disposal a number of strategies that can be successfully implemented to maximize sales during early school and university year. and university year.

Promotional techniques used in autumn can have a higher degree of success when implemented with the help of a specialist team.


Back to school, back to shopping

The end of summer means the end of summer holidays and the beginning of preparations for the school. The beginning of the school year is, therefore, an important event between September and October that can be exploited by local retailers. "Back-to-school" means the return to the store for the purchase of the necessary requisites for the school. There is now an increase in sales of electronics such as laptops, desktops or tablets, as well as an increase in sales of office furniture and storage solutions.

Large retail chains can focus during this period on the small age group (preschool and school) but should not forget about high school teens and students, two categories of customers for whom a personalized approach can be used depending on style and needs.

Back-to-School promotions can contribute significantly to increasing sales, which is why retailers choose to give this period equal importance to the winter holidays.


Implementation of back-to-school strategies

Most parents who purchase requisite and accessories or electronics during this period will be based on sale promotion. A successful back-to-school strategy is often one that has been perfectly tailored to the customer's profile. Most customers choose to buy directly from the store but retailers don't have to forget about online buyers either.

The following issues are important for retailers who want to implement back-to-school promotions::


  1. Knowledge of trends. Before starting a marketing campaign or a promotion it is recommended to research the trends and highlight the products that are trending. Otherwise, a good campaign may be a failure on the sole ground that the products promoted are no longer important.


  1. Marketing campaigns for each customer segment: retailers can tailor marketing strategies based on customer profile;


  1. Suitable discounts: seasonal discounts can also be thought out and implemented to meet the needs of multiple customer categories;
  2. Communication platform: sometimes it is not enough to present seasonal offerings using traditional advertising materials; back-to-school offers can be presented very successfully in the online environment and on social media platforms.


A good analysis of the customer's profile and adaptation of promotional offers based on this profile and existing trends are important steps both in the back-to-school period and the rest of the year, especially around other local celebrations and events.


The FMCG Management team can offer you the right merchandising services to prepare the shop and offers specific to the starting period of the school year.

You can contact us for more details about in-store organization and specific promotional techniques. .

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