Pentru clienții noștri putem realiza o serie de rapoarte:

• Daily Out of Stock report:

Check the factual stocks from the shelf and deposits daily to identify the OOS situations.

These OOS reports are transmitted daily to our clients to ensure the operative replenishment of the store

Monthly OOS analysis report:

Depending on the customer's preferences, based on the marketing audit reports, we compile personal analyses, on: network, store, region, area, brand, SKU, sales representatives, etc.

Promotions implementation feedback report:

We send feedback on the implementation of your company promotions, established and agreed with the stores networks.

According to the schedule of promotions submitted by the customer, each merchandiser is informed by SMS about the promotion that has to be implemented. On the same day, they send a feedback to the FMCG reporting team. If the promotion wasn’t able to be implemented, they mention the reason.

• Price report:

It is a price check report according to customer requirements.

• Shelf share report

We measure the share of our customers' products in the total shelf space allocated to the category