Merchandising – A must have to increase sales

A business that is based on sales can increase their volume and customer engagement with a well-built merchandising strategy. The sum of practices related to positioning, arranging and packaging of products is an effective way to involve and inspire buyers.

What is merchandising?

An effective merchandising strategy refers to much more than the correct positioning of the products. A successful merchandising adapts strategies to increase sales but at the same time, it keeps the most important visual components to meet customer needs. Most of the time it is not enough for the products to be in the most appropriate place. They must be at the right place at the right time, correctly flagged by POSM and, moreover, be available in a sufficient quantity at a fair price.

The well-chosen merchandising strategies contribute to both sales growth and customer loyalty. FMCG Marketing & Distribution  provides you complete merchandising services, dedicated to how your company's products are presented in most of the retail chains in the country.

Why merchandising is important for retailers? 

The merchandising can be noticed at the first moment when you enter in a store. Special offers can bring additional sales but it is important that they are correctly flagged and exposed in a suitable way: legible characters, of a suitable size, positioned in key points on the shelf or in specially furnished areas in the store.

An effective merchandising strategy for a product in the range of a retail chain must be able to answer the following questions:

- the dedicated space for the product is placed in an appropriate area in the store?

- is the logo, ads and promotional materials sufficiently legible?

- is access to the shelf difficult from various impediments?

- the location of the products is carried out efficiently and according to the Planogram?

- are seasonal products benefiting from a proper positioning?

- is the stock complete and the price is appropriate?

The merchandising plan can be tailored to the retailer needs, and a suitable strategy does not necessarily mean major changes. Small changes can have a significant impact and give the customer a new, enjoyable experience.

The merchandising services offered by FMCG Marketing & Distribution are suitable for all retailers who want to either enter the local or national market or attract more customers for their products. Our services are based on solutions and programs suitable for all stores on IKA, NKA and LKA networks in Romania.

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