Importance of merchandising manuals

Merchandising represents all the activities of the placement and presentation of the products of a brand at the store level. Merchandising manuals dedicated to these strategic practices contains a number of successfully used presentation techniques over time and that can be applied customized to your business to increase sales and visibility of brands.

The advertising of products at the retail level, in the store, implies the use of all these promotional techniques, both to maximize sales, but also to make the purchase experience more enjoyable for the customer.

Merchandising Techniques

A Merchandising handbook will include information about the development of specific concepts over time, such as trade marketing, visual marketing or category management, as well as information on the main methods and techniques used in this area to understand consumer behavior.

The consumer persona is studied in detail in the preparation of the merchandising manuals. Such a handbook will also give you information on demographic, psychological and specific factors, all to better understand the consumers' behavior of your products.

Merchandising techniques can be adapted according to the type of product for which promotion is intended. Frequently used methods for in-store advertising include:

- Strategic placement on the shelf;

- Proper signalling of the dedicated shelf of the product;

- Grouping of similar products;

- Mark the promotional products;

- Billboards inside the store.

Implementation of Merchandising Concepts

Using a merchandising manual can help you to find those initial solutions needed for better brand promotion. The techniques presented in the manual will be adapted according to the specifics of the product. The most important utility of a handbook of merchandising techniques is that visual merchandising strategies can be transposed from theory to practice.

The presentation of the stand or shelf of the product is important for the success of sales but for the image that the product transmits and prints on the consumer. Some studies have shown that it takes about seven seconds to attract the customer's attention to the stand or shelf.

A customized brand location and tracking the creation of a particular brand image can be done using a merchandising manual and/or with the help of a special training program.

Our FMCG Management experts can create a merchandising handbook according to your needs. The benefits of using such a manual, completed with a training for your team are numerous. Following such a merchandising course, the company will be able to better understand the customer and how he takes the buying decisions and will be able to apply strategies for placing and promoting products in such a way that they are always visible and within the reach of the end consumers.

You can contact our merchandising team for more details on promotional techniques.

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