How to choose the right materials for in-door promotion (POSM)

Indoor advertising is a form of advertising that takes place in closed locations with high traffic, its purpose being to promote products and services to the target audience that frequents these locations. The increased impact of this type of promotion is given by sending the desired message exactly at the time of the purchase decision.

Locations where the indoor promotion has the best results are the chains of hypermarkets and shopping centers. Here  FMCG Marketing & Distribution  comes to help manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of consumer products with high-quality promotional solutions.

An effective method of indoor promotion offered by FMCG is the distribution and location of the POSM (point of sale materials).

What are and how to use POSM?

The use of POSM is a quick method of  indoor promoting new or promotional products. The POSM shall be placed at the points of sale such as shopping malls, markets, hypermaps or other closed locations where the marketed products will benefit from increased visibility through them.

POSM presented at the shelf  should target in particular consumers who are not loyal to a particular brand and those sensitive to sales discounts. Most of the time they are used to draw attention to an offer or discounts but there are cases when they aim to flag new products or assortments.

Types of POSM

The POSM is presented in the form of display devices, banners, exhibition stands, storefronts, and plexiglass supports for brochures, leaflet display or acrylic display.

Shelf liners, shelf talkers and wobblers are used to seize attention and transmit price, promotion or availability information on the shelf. They are placed in maximum visibility places to determine the choice of exposed products.

These professional exposure systems, stands or exhibition showcases can be lighted at the client's request through LED lighting systems.


FMCG Management offer and services

In order for everything to be easier for our customers,  FMCG Management & Distribution's POSM installation services come with merchandising programs, audits as well as outsourced sales services.

We offer auditing, POSM servicing and installation that provide customers with visibility, notoriety, and increased sales. For an efficient indoor promotion, the promoted products are exhibited and presented on the shelf, signaled by appealing POSM materials and our online reporting platform provides customers with the ability to view and download reports and images of daily work on the shelf. For a personalized offer or more details about our offer please contact us.

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